Founded over 32 years ago by my father, Adel Sidhom, Sidhom Accounting and Tax Consultants was primarily a tax and accounting service. I joined the firm in 2006 as a registered representative with The Investment Center, Inc., and by adding comprehensive investment, financial services, and insurance solutions, was soon able to expand my father’s business. With both accounting services and investment management, our firm is now equipped to provide financial advice and strategies that address all of our clients financial concerns, tax related and otherwise, thereby eliminating the added stress clients often face of having to seek disparate financial advice from multiple firms.

Although I am a registered CPA in the tri-state area, and committed to serving our local community, Sidhom Accounting and Tax Consultants also has the capacity to continue to work with clients should their lives take them elsewhere. Currently, we serve clients in 23 states; meetings can be arranged in person, or by phone.  

Through honest, caring, and objective advice, we strive to help our clients navigate their most pressing queries, plan for a secure financial future, and obtain financial freedom.